Mail Order


If you want to use the shopping cart but prefer to mail your payment instead of paying online, please follow these steps to complete and print out your order:

1. When you have finished shopping and are through adding items to your cart, STOP. In your open shopping cart window, don’t click on “Continue Shopping” or “Proceed To Checkout”. Instead, print out your cart’s contents by clicking on the printer icon (if present) in your cart window’s menubar, or by clicking on the text; “File” > “Print”, usually located at the top left of your shopping cart window.

2. Now, click on your cart’s “Proceed to Checkout” button. For the next step you should be on the “Billing Information” page. If you see an “Enter Payment Information” page instead, click on the “Don’t have a PayPal account? Click here” link – this will bring up the Billing Info page.

3. Fill in the First Name and Last Name boxes in the “Credit or Debit Card Information” section, and all the boxes in the “Billing Address” section (use the address you want your order shipped to). Enter your Email Address and Home Telephone in the “Contact Information and Security Check” section.

4. You don’t need to enter the security code, and DON’T CLICK on any “CONTINUE” or “CONTINUE CHECKOUT” buttons you may see, or all your entries will be lost! Now, print this page from your browser as you did for your shopping cart page in step #1.

Please include a check or money order payable to Mark Oppat for the order total. Mail the check and both of the pages you have printed to:

Mark Oppat
253 Blanche St.
Plymouth, MI 48170

If you are having trouble ordering, please contact me.